It is my pleasure to share with you some insight as to how our Labrador Kennel started. The raising of my family came first and so I didn’t get a start until about 10 years ago. Once I felt I could really put the time and energy it takes into doing the homework on finding a nice Labrador to show in confirmation , was when it actually happened. I have always been active with having dogs while I grew up and was a 4-Her. Dog obedience was a project I was always involved in, whether it was taking and learning the project or taking over the project and teaching obedience for 4-H. When my 3 boys were old enough for 4-H, they too had their own dogs for the dog obedience project. We were a very involved 4-H family and in so doing this, my oldest son has continued in showing our labs and enjoying the breed with me. It is nice to have someone to share this hobby with. We have educated ourselves in the different problems genetics plays in breeding. It is amazing how much information is needed to learn how to breed healthy Labradors. As I said before, we have done our homework in learning about the genetics and we continue to learn as there are new findings every day.

We are located in Racine, WI, with Milwaukee just to the North of us and Kenosha and the Illinois border to the South. Lake Michigan is about 1 mile east of where we live. Our Labradors enjoy running in our completely fenced in 1 acre yard . It is a great place for training, retrieving and socializing with our family of Labradors. In the summer, they enjoy their own pool.

There can be found 2 to 3 litters of puppies a year at the Hoffmann’s household. The puppies are born and raised for 3 wks in our bedroom so the environment is quiet and peaceful for the mom and her babies. After 3 weeks, they are moved out to our Kitchen (the nursery) so they can be socialized and be introduced to the many smells and sounds of a kitchen in progress. My youngest son plays the piano and so the pups are serenaded with music galore. So if the radio isn’t on, the piano is playing. Our puppies are very loved and socialized and are used to many sounds.

We breed for the AKC standard in the Labrador as we show confirmation. Our labs are bred with that loving temperament, beautiful soft full look, and with a healthy pedigree in mind. We only sell pet puppies on limited registrations. We will not sell puppies or occasionally older Labradors, over the internet. If you are interested in finding out more about our labs, we’d be very pleased to talk with you. You can give us a call at (262)634-3720.

  Please check out our puppy page for information on our latest litter! 

Ruth Hoffmann and Randahl Hoffmann
Racine, WI

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